MBAA Call for new board members for 2013-2014 academic year

The current MBA Association Board of Directors is putting out a call to all current MBA students in good academic standing to fill board positions for the 2013-2014 academic year. New board members will be selected to serve a one year term starting this May. The Board positions are open to all current MBA students. Preference will be given to those students who will be enrolled through at least May, 2014, but those graduating in December, 2013 are also encouraged to apply.

The MBA Association is responsible for planning, organizing and marketing all association events. These include formal and informal networking events, volunteer and philanthropic activities, the MBAA Speaker Series, football tailgates in the fall, tours of local business, and the annual MBA dinner. Other responsibilities include managing all MBAA communications, conducting annual membership surveys and maintaining association status and relations with University and MBA program administrators.

There are currently six board positions, all of which will need to be filled for the upcoming year. Below is a brief description of each:

• President: Set agenda and direction for all MBAA action over the course of the year. Communicate with MBA program director about the activities of the MBAA. Oversight of all other Board member activities.

• Vice-President: Acts in the executive function in place of the President. In charce of special projects at the direction of the president.

• VP Finance: Has fiduciary responsibility over all MBA Association funds. Responsibility for the annual SGA budget process. Manages the day to day finances of the association.

• VP Marketing: Responsible for creating and executing marketing communications relating to MBA Association events and activities.

• VP Information Technology: Responsible for managing all association IT assets and activities including membership lists and online databases.

• VP Operations: Responsible for planning and executing event logistics. Communicates with outside vendors and school officials in planning events.

Aside from executing the tasks associated with his or her position, each board member is responsible for attending regularly scheduled board meetings, events and activities.

We are accepting applications from Monday February 11th through Friday February 22nd. To apply, please submit a current resume along with a short (less than 1 page) personal statement about why you would like to serve on the board, which position you are interested in, what skills you would bring to that position, and what if any ideas you may have for the direction of the MBAA. If you have any questions about serving on the board, please email Resumes and statements should also be sent to this address or can be dropped off in person at the MBA office. New board members will be announced on February 28, 2013.